Miramar Trade Center

The Miramar Trade Center is Havana’s leading mixed–use commercial and retail real estate complex and represents the heart of the new Havana business district. To date, six buildings have been completed, representing 55,530 square meters (approximately 600,000 square feet) of rentable area. Approximately 150,000 square meters (approximately 1.6 million square feet) of further rentable area have been planned for future phases.

Meliá Habana Hotel

The 5–star Meliá Habana Hotel has 397 rooms, including 16 suites, and is one of only five 5–star hotels presently operating in Havana. The Meliá Habana Hotel is internationally rated under the OHG International System as “Superior First Class”. The hotel has been managed since start–up in September 1998 by the Spanish international hotel chain Meliá Hotels International, which operates 27 hotels in Cuba and is the dominant international hotel management company in the country.

Meliá Las Américas Hotel

The Meliá Las Americas Hotel is a 5–star luxury beach resort hotel located next to the famous Dupont House and the Varadero Golf Course. It has 340 rooms, including 90 bungalows and 14 suites, and is presently one of only four 5–star hotels in Varadero having a foreign ownership interest. It has 400 metres of prime beachfront and is internationally rated under the OHG International System as “Moderate Deluxe”.