The Miramar Trade Center is Havana’s leading mixed–use commercial and retail real estate complex and represents the heart of the new Havana business district. To date, six buildings have been completed, repres
The 5–star Meliá Habana Hotel has 397 rooms, including 16 suites, and is one of only five 5–star hotels presently operating in Havana. The Meliá Habana Hotel is internationally rated under the OHG Internationa
The Meliá Las Americas Hotel is a 5–star luxury beach resort hotel located next to the famous Dupont House and the Varadero Golf Course. It has 340 rooms, including 90 bungalows and 14 suites, and is presently
The 5–star Meliá Varadero Hotel is located next to the Meliá Las Americas Hotel and is also adjacent to the Varadero Golf Course. It has 490 rooms, including 7 suites, and is one of only four 5–star hotels in
The Sol Palmeras Hotel is located next to the Meliá Varadero Hotel and also borders on the Varadero Golf Course. It has 607 rooms, including 200 bungalows, of which 90 are of suite or deluxe standard and 500 m
CEIBA has an interest in TosCuba S.A., which was incorporated for the purpose of constructing a beach resort hotel at Playa Maria Aguilar, near the city of Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, at province of
GrandSlam is a wholly–owned subsidiary of CEIBA. GrandSlam operates a travel agency out of Havana specialising in ecotourism and sports fishing. For more information and booking of services visit its website:
CEIBA has a (10%) minority interest in the foreign shareholder of Productos Sanitarios S.A. (PROSA), a Cuban joint venture company that manufactures tissue paper products at facilities located in Cárdenas, Mata